Thursday, May 3, 2007


Hello everyone.

Short introduction: I'm an Estonian student, soon finishing my first year in university. I've been involved in open-source development for several years, working on the Boson game in the past though unfortunately it's development has halted for now.

Since the beginning of this year I've been involved in KWin development, creating various compositing effects as well as separating effects interface into a library to support 3rd-party effects. Stay tuned for more KWin-related stuff soon.

Last but not least, I was accepted into Google's Summer of Code program and will be working on an icon cache, mentored by aseigo. The purpose of it is to make application startup faster by putting icons into cache which eliminates the need to search for them on the disk (there are many directories where the icons might be and searching through them takes time). Also it will act as SVG cache so that SVG icons can be used without having to convert them into raster format every time.

This blog will contain news about KWin, my GSoC project and anything else KDE-related that I might be working on in the future.


Jure Repinc said...

Hey this looks like a very interesting blog. I've already added it to Akregator and can't wait for future posts. BTW, you should really consider adding the blog feed to Planet KDE so that it would reach more people.
P.S. You should also enable captcha for comments to prevent possible blog comments spam in the future.

Rivo Laks said...

Hi, thanks for the advice :-)
I'm in the process of adding it to planet KDE, but the admin there hasn't replied yet...
And the captchas are now enabled as well.